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The Future of Science Education

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July 15th
11:00 PDT

Here is What You'll Learn

How Experiental Learning Motivates Students

Understand how our program ignites students' curiosity by letting them formulate and test their own hypotheses about air pollution. Learn how your students will map and understand their own world.

What You Get in The Kids Making Sense Kit

Discover the equipment, technology, and curriculum our kit provides to enable you to teach air quality science in a fun and engaging way.

Teaching Students They Can Have An Impact

Learn how our curriculum can empower your students to understand and take action to improve their environment. Learn about other teachers whose classes have turned their findings into relevant actions.

How Our Kit Aligns With Science Education Standards

Learn how the activities that make up our program align with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core standards.

Funding Ideas For Tight Budgets

Learn how we have successfully worked with other schools to help identify sources of funding.

How Our Staff Will Support You

Meet some of the scientists who will be providing live training on how to put our materials into use in your classroom.


About Tami Lavezzo

Tami is an air quality scientist and one of the management leaders of the Kids Making Sense team. Tami has taught many teachers how to deploy the Kids Making Sense program in their classrooms, and is actively involved in creating and evolving program curriculum. Tami has more than 20 years of experience in air quality science and scientific data analysis. Her deep experience in data analysis, program management, and using science to influence positive outcomes inform her work in the Kids Making Sense program, where she hopes to inspire tomorrow's air quality and environmental scientists.


About Olivia Ryder

Olivia is a staff-scientist and teacher liason for the Kids Making Sense Program. She is an atmospheric scientist with a Ph.D. and over a decade of experience in atmospheric chemistry research and analysis. She has a strong interest in communicating environmental issues across scientific disciplines and to the public through outreach efforts.


About Bastian Schoell

Bastian is the Product Manager for the Kids Making Sense Program. He is an experienced and entrepreneurial creator of products that make a meaningful impact on our lives. He is a fan of science and fact-based reasoning and is eager to learn how our products can help teachers make science education engaging and fun for students.

July 15th
11:00 PDT
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